Affordable Payment Plans For Insurance Deductibles. No Credit Check. Instant Approval.

Questions Answered

  1. WHY is my credit not checked?
    Managing Director
    We are confident that insured individuals are less of a credit risk. You were smart to insure your asset, so when you need to file a claim with your insurance company, they agree to pay for repairs to your damaged property. We take a security position in the repair process that protects both you and our company to ensure the claims process is satisfied.
  2. WHY do I need fraud protection?
    Managing Director
    Insurance fraud costs the average policy holder as much as $200 per year. The public shoulders the burden of these costs, and the rising costs of premiums are reflective to the fraud epidemic. If you seek a repair contractor to negotiate down your deductible, that is insurance fraud. If the repair provider offers to discount your deductible, that's fraud.
  3. WHEN is credit a factor?
    Managing Director
    Credit is required when your deductible does not meet the application criteria or exceeds the maximum dollar amount of this service. Credit is used to determine the ability for you to pay based upon your historical payment history. Even poor credit will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Our counselors will discuss with you those options if you need help.
  4. HOW do you protect me from fraud?
    Managing Director
    By using our service, we provide third-party verification that you have paid your deductible and satisfied the terms of your insurance claim. Once you have satisfied the deductible installment agreement terms, you will have a Paid-as-Agreed document to prove payments for the deductible has been satisfied.

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